Bad credit mobile phone

Bad credit mobile phone

Your credit history is the one tool that most providers use to asses reliability. For instance a flawless credit record is translated as financial maturity on the individual. People with bad credit on the other hand are judged as financially reckless and untrustworthy. That is why it will be an uphill task securing a mobile contract when you have bad credit.  However, there’s still hope of securing a mobile contract regardless of how bad your credit looks like. Thanks to bad credit mobile phones, your dream will become a reality. There are many firms, such as InstantMobile, that specialise in offering mobile phones for bad credit. You bet you will be spoilt for choices.

No credit checks mobile phones

These are mobile phones that are specifically meant for people with bad credit even though anyone can apply. As the name suggests, dealers will not conduct a credit check in order to determine whether you qualify or not. In other words, your credit history does not matter as providers look at everything else but that. Among the things they look at include citizenship and age. Most importantly, they seek to establish whether you can afford the contract comfortably. This is good alternative if you have been turned down because of bad credit since you are assured of automatic approval. However, bear in mind that such contracts are more expensive as they involve high risk as well. To avoid entangling yourself in a contract that will frustrate you, ensure you go for a reputable and well established firm.

Guaranteed Mobile contracts

A guaranteed mobile contract is one of the best alternatives for people with bad credit particularly if you’re looking for a flagship mobile contract. Such an arrangement works by using someone else’s records. This person is now the guarantor. They vouch for you, that you are able to handle the financial responsibilities of the contract and in the event where you fail, they will come in and pay on your behalf. Here, approval totally depends on the guarantor you choose. Therefore ensure you select one with a good reputation and probably a home owner. What is important is that they should have a close to perfect credit record

Sim-only contracts

The risk involved in sim-only contracts is very low for the provider and this will make it a lot easier to score a contract. A sim-only deal offers you a package of text, minutes and data just as a typical contract would. The only difference however is that you don’t get a new handset. Almost every provider will be willing to accept your application if you opt for this kind of contract. First it is cheap as you won’t have to take a high end phone. You can choose to use your current phone if it is in good working condition and then slowly upgrade to the phone of your liking after you put your finances in order and improve your credit score.

Remember, getting yourself a contract with bad credit isn’t such an impossible task. All you have to do is lower the risk of the provider by providing that you can pay back the loan, and in good time.



Future technology trends that would revolutionise telephony

When it comes to the mobile industry, trying to predict what the future holds may become a bit of a challenge as the leaps being made are vast. But we can try. The past few years have taught us a lot about the mobile industry, and it has come a long way. For sure, there are trends that are going to be present in the future, and others will wither down and die. Smartphones as we know them will evolve and the next 25 years may seem like scenes from a science fiction movie.

Holograms and augmented reality

Imagine being able to talk to your mum who’s 5000 miles away like she’s right there close to you. That’s what holograms offer; a 3D well-designed life size image of a person.

Augmented reality is able to conjure up people in real time and, their environs are digitally overlaid in yours making it seem like you’re on the same room.

The technology for holograms and augmented reality is present, the reason why this isn’t in widespread existence yet is simply because it’ll cost a fortune. But with processor speeds increasing rapidly and fast communication, you can be sure this will turn to reality in a few years time.

Wearable technology and smart sensors

Wearable technology has just hit the tech industry by storm and tech giants are not satisfied by what they can do yet. This kind of technology is going to be all over. Watches and sensors powered by smart chips would be a way of life. In fact, the smartphone may even exist as a wearable. A screen would be unnecessary when you’ve got augmented reality glasses.

These wearables can reduce to the size of contact lenses, where you’ll be able to talk to anyone and even see them whenever you need to. You would even be in a position to conjure up anything of your choice or travel to any part of the world right from your home.

Phones as life coaches

Smartphones are going to become your closest friend, knowing all about you and providing you the best recommendations on your day to day activities. This is something that’s already happening but it hasn’t even scratched the surface of its true potential.

Your smartphone will become involved in all aspects of your life; entertainment, business, socialising etc. It’ll feed you exactly what you want whether it’s your choice of movies or where you should go.

Geo-targeting is also going to go mainstream and your phone would be able to collect immense amount of data just by pointing your phone at someone or something.

Changing phone shapes

In the future, we’ll start seeing phones that are quite different from what we have now. Samsung has already shown signs of bringing up a bendable phone that can be placed on the wrist as a watch and these breeds are expected to hit the markets soon.

Phones would also grow slimmer and sleeker, and some companies have already started producing transparent phones.


Top 4 tips in picking the right smartphone for your business

Purchasing a phone for your day to day running of life is a serious business and even more when doing for your business. Your phone is your instant connection to the world and internet. These are just but a few of the benefits you get by investing in a good phone. In addition to increased productivity and higher sales, you will enjoy lowered costs. However, all is not bliss. The challenge comes in selecting the right smartphone as there are so many dealers available today. But worry not. This compiled list of top tips will help you fall for the right deal.

Phone features

This is one useful tip you cannot overlook. Most modern smartphones come loaded with amazing bonus features such as caller ID and message forwarding just to mention but a few. Each of these features, if well utilised, is going to make life easier for you and your employees. Therefore, before buying a phone, make sure you ask about the features it has and compare them to other phones so that you get the best deal there is.

Cell phone plan

When buying a smartphone for your business requires that you take into serious consideration the plan it comes with. Remember, each cell phone company offers different levels of coverage just as they deal with different phone manufacturers all at once. Oust out all the confusion that can result from this situation as it is imperative to make the right choice. Choosing a cell plan will save you lots of money. However, signing the wrong one means that you will be in a frustrating contract for a couple of months. Ensure you make a great choice.

Consider VoIP

Instead of using landline, you will be using your internet to connect to others if you haveVoIP. This translates into more saving as your phone bill will reduce a great deal. And if you have customers or colleagues abroad, then you should definitely go for VoIP services ascalling will only cost you the VoIP package,as opposed to paying for the cost of the international call. Additionally, this feature will still be useful even when you’re always on the go. All you have to do is to sync this with your mobile devices and you will still be able to make the most of your free calls.

Don’t overlook network coverage

It will be meaningless to have a great smartphone and not to be able to connect to the Web. Ensure you analyse the network coverage maps available. This is to establish whether your area has good coverage or not. You need to make sure that the network you want is fully available in your area. Remember, most smartphones work best with 3G/4G networks. So if the company you picked for your phone deal only has a slower network, you’ll be better off searching elsewhere.

Bad Phone Tech Habits

Bad phone tech habits you need to drop ASAP

Your iPhone 7 has had you smiling and being entertained at your convenience. Technology is good and has become a complete necessity for survival in today’s world. After all, you can do so much from your phone, including checking emails and writing your to-do lists and keeping in touch with global events. However, developing perennial habits will definitely affect your routine and productivity. Consequently, it becomes difficult to drop and give them up. That is why this article is meant for you. Here is a list of the top 4 tech habits that you should drop as soon as possible.

Sleeping next to your phone

Perhaps you use your phone as your alarm, and you believe sleeping next to it will work better. However, this is a misconception that you need to drop. Sleeping with your phone can mess up your sleep patterns and lead to a more disrupted sleep. Your gadget beeping in the middle of the night is enough to wake you up without you even knowing it, and you may start sleep texting or calling when you are not fully coherent.


Cell phones also emit electromagnetic radiation whenever they’re on so each night you have your phone under your pillow exposes you to even more radiation. If you use your phone as an alarm, you’ll be better off keeping your phone far from your bed. Doing so will force you to wake up so as to turn off the alarm.

Not taking a break

You need to reduce the amount of time you spend looking at your phone’s screen. Constantly staring at your screen will strain your eyes, and you may end up with serious eye problems. Taking small breaks from your phone is essential as your body will benefit from the change of environment. Remember, sitting for long hours staring at your phone might cause blood clots too which can be very fatal. That is why you need to drop your phone every now and then and take a walk instead. When you are out with family and friends, do yourself and everyone else a favour and actually be present for that moment rather than being on your phone.

Not cleaning your handset regularly

Of all the things that you own, your phone could be the dirtiest of them all. After all, it is 18 times dirtier than the toilet handle. Our phones attract dust and all sorts of dirt, yet you haven’t cleaned it in months! Ensure you regularly clean your phone screen and keyboard if it has one. For the keyboard you could use cotton swabs that have been wetted with sanitizer e.g. vinegar. However, ensure you mix it with water so that it becomes less abrasive. Use a cotton flint microfiber cloth for a touch screen as it won’t leave any scratches. In addition, take extreme care when cleaning to avoid hurting your phone in the process.

Skipping system updates

When in the middle of answering an important text or email, it seems much easier to click the cancel button instead of updating. However, this is really bad for your phone as it makes it vulnerable. You need to ensure that all the programs, antiviruses and updates are working smoothly and up to date. Additionally, you need to keep updating your passwords frequently as using the same passwords over and over makes it possible for your systems to be hacked. Similarly, using the same passwords for all your accounts is not advised. If someone gets access to your password, then they can get to all your important accounts and that is very risky. This is bad tech habit that you should drop immediately.